Jiangmen Yuga Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel products, with more than 20 years of cooking utensils industry experience. The factory is located in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, near Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other first tier cities. The location of the traffic is very convenient.


The factory has been committed to a variety of stainless steel kitchenware products, mainly including song kettle, compound pot, steamer and coffee pot kitchen and household goods. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


In the past 20 years, our factory has mastered the mature technical force, the supporting professional equipment, the advanced production technology, and the effective quality system. We will provide customers with high quality and inexpensive products with professional skills and experience, and win the market competitiveness for our customers.


A perfect combination of profound humanistic care and exquisite craftsmanship, insight into the love of life and the delicious desire to enjoy, and strive to provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory service.




YUGA metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, after years of development,

has become a commercial kitchen equipment R & D, manufacturing, processing, sales and service in one enterprise group.


YUGA  is a famous enterprise that has rapidly risen up and thrives to be loved and trusted by the vast number of users. It is also praised and respected by many famous hotel management groups and kitchen design consultants at home and abroad.


In addition to independent innovative design, innovative products and innovative services, Baikai industrial and well-known kitchenware manufacturers and active exchanges and cooperation, to share the best products and technologies in the world, the local commercial kitchen industry norms and the development of the national industry has made a positive and valuable contribution.


Not only has a modern workshop, sophisticated production equipment, but also has professional technical personnel and senior management team, gathered "safety, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful, convenient, durable" modern style, And the majority of users of the high praise. At the same time, it has become the agent and best partner of many famous kitchen ware brands in the world, providing the customers with perfect integrated solution and supporting .




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ADD: Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong.China.






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