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Analysis on cleaning technique of kitchen utensils


Source: hc360.com post date: 2016-11-17

The kitchen utensils are beautiful, so the kitchen work in the kitchen is also happy, but these kitchenware will become dirty over time, we have to learn some small ways to clean the kitchen utensils. In order to ensure a clean kitchen, let's tell you a variety of kitchen cleaning tips, let's take a look.


1, iron products

Mainly includes iron pot, shovel, kitchen knife and so on, the key problem is to remove rust and rust. After stir-frying each time, brush the oil out of the pan, wipe it off, and dry it with a rag so it won't rust. If you paste the pan with a brush, sprinkle some crude salt, then brush it again. It is easy to clean the pan. If you wash the pan with water after stir-frying, be sure to dry it with a rag after washing it, or burn it over the fire, to avoid rust in the iron pot. When the knife is finished, apply a layer of raw oil on the surface or dry it with gingerbread, which can also prevent rust. If iron is rusty, Can be wiped with potato skin, rust will soon be eliminated.

2, aluminum products

Aluminum pots, and pots will turn black after they are used for a period of time. Banana peel, apple peel and other pericarp can be placed in aluminum products, add water to boil, the fruit acid in the pericarp and the oxidation layer of aluminum can be acted upon, then rinse with clear water, and shine as new. Don't brush aluminum with steel balls.


3, ceramic tableware

Soak the newly purchased ceramic cutlery in 4% vinegar and boil it to remove most of the harmful substances. Used porcelain bowl, if too greasy not easy to wash clean, can be washed with hot water first, then on dry flour wash, and finally rinse with water, it will be particularly clean. The bowl that has beaten egg liquid has very bad smell, soak in cold water first, then wash with hot water. If washed directly with hot water, the smell will remain on the bowl.


4, glassware


Long-term use of glass oil bottle, the bottom of the bottle will deposit a layer of grease, bottle body is greasy, will also have odour. First put some crushed eggshells in the bottle, drop in a few drops of detergent, then pour in a little hot water, shake again and again, rinse with water, and the grease will be cleaned.Pour soda or edible soda water into the oil bottle for a while and rinse with hot water.



5, stainless steel products

Stainless steel products after a period of time, the surface will rise a fog, resulting in dark black surface. Use soft cloth coated with decontamination powder or detergent. This method can also be used if the surface is fumigated by smoke. If the food is pasted, put some water in the pot and cook on the stove for a while, then gently scrape it off with a cloth or steel ball. Do not scrape with a knife, fruit knife, etc. 




6,oil bottle

The oil bottle has been used for a long time and will accumulate dirt and smell. Put some egg shells into the bottle after mashing, add a small amount of warm water, close the bottle plug, shake the oil bottle up and down for about 1 minute, pour out the eggshell residue, rinse with water several times, the oil bottle will be washed off. You can also fill the oil bottle with one or two fine yellow sand and half a bottle of salt water, block the bottle for a while, and the bottle will be clean.


7, pot scale

Put the empty kettle on the fire to bake first, when the kettle is baked not a trace of steam, immediately immerse it in a cold water basin (but do not let water into thepot), the hot kettle bottom contact cold water shrinks sharply, the thick scale will break and fall off. 



8, plastic container

Plastic containers will get sticky for some time, soaking overnight with diluted bleach water, rinsing the next day with clear water, leaving the lid open and drying it as clean as new.


9, Carr board

The plate is not easy to clean, and when cleaning carelessly, it will hurt hands, find an old toothbrush, wash in the water soaked with detergent, and then rinse with clean water.


10, washing the basket


There are many gaps in the washing basket. When washing, fill the basket with water, then pour in the corresponding proportion of bleach, then soak overnight, you can wash all the bacteria and dirt attached to the gap.


Responsible Editor: Shi Jinling


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